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The Benefits of a LED Lighting Retrofit

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One of the most important characteristics of a home or office is the lighting, and retrofit LED lights are a great way to improve it.  LEDs provide the full spectrum of natural light and are compatible with a wide variety of wattages and configurations, not to mention offering game-changing energy and cost savings. Retrofit kits make it easy to upgrade.

What can a LED lighting retrofit do for you?

Retrofit LED lights are designed to replace older bulbs without the need to install new fixtures or wiring. LED lighting provides many benefits over halogen lighting and incandescent lighting, as well as being extremely versatile.

Color Perception

LED lights emit the full spectrum of light for accurate color perception. Whether painting, restoring teeth, or any other kind of work that requires the accurate measurement of color, LEDs ensure that poor lighting is not a problem. Many bulbs can also be configured for custom brightness's and colors.

Energy Savings

While incandescentes were the most popular light bulb for indoor lighting for many years, LEDs are replacing both them and halogens, which came onto the scene after incandescentes. The chief reason is that LEDs are far more efficient, leading to massive energy savings. For example, they use on average 82 fewer watts per hour than halogens. A retrofit LED light replacing a halogen bulb running for eight hours per day could save more than $2500 per year in electricity bills! This is a boon for the environment and utility expenses.


LEDs also last longer than either incandescentes or halogens, with the latter lasting 800 to 1,200 hours compared to an LED's 50,000 to 60,000 hours. That is almost eight times longer! So, while LEDs are more expensive per bulb, they save money over time. The price of LEDs is also expected to go down as more models become available on the market





Given that LED lights are newer, a home or office owner may worry that converting old equipment is costly. Fortunately, retrofit LED lights are designed to fit a wide variety of light sockets and wattage levels. Manufacturers are aware that those looking to replace older bulbs do not want to rewire extensively so make retrofit kits easy to match and install. 

Environmental Impact

Besides using far less energy and lasting far longer, LED lights can also be recycled and do not contribute to waste. LEDs also have no UV emissions and are significantly cooler. A study funded by the Energy Department compared the environmental impact of halogens, incandescentes, LEDs, and compact incandescentes. It found that LEDs were the superior choice throughout the entire manufacturing, distribution and disposal lifecycle. 


LED lights offer many benefits over halogens and older bulbs, the most overwhelming of which is superior energy efficiency.  

Superior efficiency means more savings and less of an impact on the environment.

Those looking to switch can make the process easier by choosing a retrofit LED kit compatible with the home or facility's current equipment and fixtures.

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